Why Catholic Radio?

Radio as a Tool for The New Evangelization

Why Catholic Radio?

“Jesus teaches us that the Good News, which he brings, is not reserved to one part of humanity, it is to be communicated to everyone.” – Pope Francis

Catholic radio is the best tool for evangelization today. The lost, lonely and poor in our society cry out for the balm of the love of Jesus. Catholic radio has the power to answer to bring Jesus’ words to those who have ears to hear. Nearly everyone has the capability of accessing the truths of the Catholic faith, thanks to local Catholic radio stations, podcasts and online streaming.

Personal- Radio is a one-on-one medium. That means that evangelization can occur in a personal, non-confrontational way.

Local- It’s a principle of the Catholic Church that it’s best to manage things at the local level if possible. It’s this ‘principle of subsidiarity’, that allows person-to-person, parish-to-person, or diocese-to-person charity to do it’s grace-filled work. Local Catholic radio stations evangelize so well to their own area precisely because they are local.

Cost-effective- Radio broadcasts the beauty of relationship with Jesus Christ to wide audiences at a relatively low cost.

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